“Language Dynamics and Management of Diversity"


WP Manager: Partner 2 (SCIPROM)


The activities in this work package ensured the proper coordination, integration and execution of the DYLAN work plan on all levels regarding scientific management, legal, contractual, ethical and financial matters, communication issues, dissemination and training, and gender issues.

Activity Responsible person Partner
PC Project Coordinator Prof. Anne-Claude Berthoud 1. UNIL
DPC1 Deputy Project Coordinator 1 Prof. François Grin 3. UNIGE
DPC2 Deputy Project Coordinator 2 Prof. Georges Lüdi 4. UNIBAS
PM Project Manager Dr. Kirsten Leufgen 2. SCIPROM
WPM1 Companies Prof. Lorenza Mondada 5. LYON2
WPM2 EU institutions Prof. Ruth Wodak 10. LANCS
WPM3 Educational institutions Prof. Luci Nussbaum 7. UAB
WPM4 Transversal issues Prof. François Grin 3. UNIGE
WPM5 Training Dr. Michal Krzyzanowski 10. LANCS
WPM6 Management Dr. Kirsten Leufgen 2. SCIPROM