“Language Dynamics and Management of Diversity"

Project Advisory Board (PAB)

The Project Advisory Board (PAB) consisted of external representatives of associations and organisations working in the domain of the DYLAN project objectives. It was the main source of neutral advice for the project. The PAB includes:

Eric Froment, Former president of the University of Lyon 2 Louis Lumière, and then of the European University Association (EUA); he is currently an advisor for the board of the Ministry of Higher Education in Paris.

Wolfgang Mackiewicz, president of this advisory board, professor and director of the Sprachenzentrum at the Freie Universität Berlin, President of the European Language Council (CEL/ELC), member of the EU's High Level Group on Multilingualism, coordinator of the Thematic Network Project in the Area o Languages III (TNP3) and coordinator of the European Network for the Promotion of Language Learning among all Undergraduates (ENLU).

Noël Muylle, Emeritus General Director of the European Commission and ex-Directorate general for interpretation at the Joint Interpreting and Conference Service (Service Commun Interprétation-Conférences – SCIC) in Brussels.

Srikant Sarangi, Director of the Health Communication Research Centre, Cardiff School of English, Communication & Philosophy, Cardiff University; of Indian origin, he is an expert in intercultural pragmatics; racism and ethnicity in multicultural societies.

Project Associated Members

Claude Springer: A former member of the DYLAN Strasbourg team (UMB), he now works as professor at the University of Aix-en-Provence (France). 

> His collaboration is concentrated on the DYLAN work package 1 and in particular the interaction with the UDS team. He participated in the DYLAN research task RT 1.7, the analysis of company web sites.

Celio Conceicao: Professor at the University of the Algarve, and member of the European Language Council (ELC) Board. 

> His activities focus on the research carried out in the different DYLAN tasks, namely under WP2 and 3. He collaborated with the consortium members in the preparation of new theoretical frameworks for multilingualism and language diversity and in the dissemination of the results of the undertaken research”
Alexandre Dûchene:  A former member of the DYLAN Basel team (UNIBAS), he is now professor at the Institute of Multilingualism, University of Fribourg and University of Teacher Education Fribourg. 

> He collaborated with the DYLAN work package 1, focussing on multilingualism and social inequalities at the workplace and on language ideologies in enterprises of the New Economy.

Saara Haapamäki:  A former member of the DYLAN Helsinki team (UHE).

> She contributed to the UHE study of higher education in Northern Europe.

Stefania Marzo: Professor at the Hogeschool Gent.

> She focused on the study of the relationship between plurilingual practices and knowledge construction in two settings, a didactical setting and an organisation.

Ulrike Vogl: Postdoc researcher at the University of Wien.

> Former DYLAN member at the Freie Universität Berlin, she moved to Wien as a postdoc researcher.