“Language Dynamics and Management of Diversity"

EU Institutions

WP Manager: Partner 10 (LANCS)


This work package aimed at studying the relationships between language practices, policies, representations and context in selected EU institutions, with a focus on specific dimensions and interrelations for individual partners.

Research tasks

Task 2.1(UDE): Analyse how the choice of working monolingualism (internal communication) can progressively penetrate the entire community (external communication) and affect the other languages and language use.
Task 2.2 (UNILJ): Examine the compatibility between language policies in favour of multilingualism and political will to promote lesser-used languages in Slovenia.
Task 2.3 (LANCS): Analyse documents in which European institutions picture multi-lingualism, possible actions on multilingualism, and understand its role in defining their image tue role of tue label “multilingualism” as a component of added value.