“Language Dynamics and Management of Diversity"

Educational Systems

WP Manager: Partner 7 (UAB)


This work package aimed at studying the relationships between language practices, policies, representations and context in educational institutions, with a focus on specific dimensions and inter-relations for individual partners.

Research tasks

Task 3.1 (UAB): Analysis of how context changes modify language policies and strategies and affect language learning practices and representations of multilingualism in educational institutions of secondary and higher education.

Task 3.2 (UNIBZ): Analysis of the role of multilingual institutions of higher education and its influence on the language practices of individual speakers, in particular with regard to their adoption of multilingual communication practices.

Task 3.3 (UNIL-UNIGE): Observation of the multilingual learning practices in universities to understand the conceptual, argumentative and strategic effects of multilingualism on the processes of building and applying language skills.

Task 3.4 (UHE): Examination of the impact of language policies on institutional strategies in universities at European, national and regional levels. Identify inefficiencies in existing policies and strategies of educational systems.

Task 3.5 (UBBC): Analysis of the impact of language policies and institutional strategies on multilingual learning practices in universities.

Task 3.6 (VUB): Examination of the impact of language policies on multilingual education in secondary schools and universities, as well as the impact of multilingual education on practices.