“Language Dynamics and Management of Diversity"

Management Structure

The central element of the DYLAN management structure was the Project
Coordination Team (PCT) at the interface between the European Commission and the DYLAN Consortium. The PCT interacted closely with the bottom-up structured project scientific steering, and with a project management cluster consisting of target-specific teams. The Project Advisory Board was the external advisory to the Consortium.
The Project Coordination Team (PCT) included the Project Coordinator, the Project Manager and two Deputy Project Coordinators (DPCs). Prof. Anne-Claude Berthoud, University of Lausanne, Switzerland (partner 1) is coordinator for the project.

Deputy Project Coordinators (DPCs)

Two Deputy Project Coordinators (DPCs) collaborated with the PC and the PM in overseeing and coordinating the project:

• Prof. François Grin, University of Geneva (partner 3) serves as DPC 1.

• Prof. Georges Lüdi, University of Basel (partner 4) serves as DPC 2.

Project Manager (PM)

Dr. Kirsten Leufgen, SCIPROM (partner 2), co-founder of SCIPROM, an SME specialised in scientific project management, served as PM for the project.

Project Coordination Team (PCT)