“Language Dynamics and Management of Diversity"

DYLAN à l'Académie Suisse des Sciences Humaines et Sociales

Plusieurs chercheurs de DYLAN vont intervenir dans le cadre de la Conférence organisée par l’Académie Suisse des Sciences Humaines et Sociales, qui se tiendra les 12 et 13 novembre prochains à Berne, sur le thème “Les enjeux du plurilinguisme pour la construction et la circulation des savoirs”.

Research Task 2.3 at the European Commission

On June 15th, 2009, Dr. Michal Krzyzanowski (Lancaster University and DYLAN WP-2 and WP-5) presented preliminary results of Lancaster's research in Workpackage 2 "EU Institutions" at the European Commission, Brussels. He was invited to deliver his presentation by the Head of Unit 'Multilingualism and Translation Studies' of the European Commission's Directorate General for Translation (DGT). The Unit, which conducts and implements results of studies on multilingualism in the European Union and its institutions, is located within DGT's Directorate responsible for Translation Strategy and Multilingualism.  

Further to demonstrating results of the earlier work in DYLAN's Workpackage 2 (incl. media and policy-analysis), the presentation highlighted preliminary findings of extensive fieldwork at the EU institutions undertaken by Lancaster University researchers throughout 2009. The aim of this fieldwork is to gain inside and in-depth knowledge about dynamics of multilingual communication in the post-Enlargement EU institutions. The fieldwork studies how the key EU institutions practice multilingualism on a daily basis (e.g. within regular meetings at different hierarchical levels) as well as construct its image in relevant, internal and external language policies and regulations.

For further information you can contact M. Krzyzanowski by clicking here.  

Vienna team as radio stars

The Vienna team was interviewed by South-Tyrolean radio RAI about DYLAN and specifically about its ELF RT. More information and a web link to the feature in question will be made available as soon as it is aired!

DYLAN on the Vienna University's Newsletter

The Austrian DYLAN team was interviewed on the newsletter of the University of Wien, about the role of the English language in a multilingual Europe. You will find the entire article on the website of the University of Wien.

A user-friendly guide for the use of Slovene language in EU institutions, by the University of Ljubljana.

We would like to announce a recent publication made by the Slovene partners of DYLAN. University of Ljubljana scholars Marko Stabej, Mojca Stritar and Jordi Magrinya are three of the 5 authors of this user-friendly guide for the use of Slovene language in EU institutions which was written at the request of Slovene authorities. The short manual, partly based on DYLAN findings, is aimed at Slovene civil servants working in the Council and Parliament. It incorporates both the governmental experience in EU procedures and the results of its analysis carried out by the Ljubljana team, conducted within the DYLAN project. 

Short news in Slovene about the publication can be found here: 

The publication can be downloaded here: 

DYLAN CM5 on the UAB Website

DYLAN made the news at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB): The DYLAN project, its consortium meeting in Barcelona and the public session with the participation of city representatives is proudly presented on the university web site:


DYLAN at the ELC

Le projet DYLAN a fait l’objet d’une présentation dans le cadre du Forum organisé par le Conseil Européen pour les Langues, qui s’est tenu à Bruxelles le 5 décembre dernier, sous le titre “Intégration, expansion et globalisation - un nouveau défi pour l’Europe”.

A new publication by Fançois Grin

Dylan researcher and coordination team member François Grin was interviewed by the Swiss newspaper "Le Temps" last October. This article "Comprendre la langue du voisin (understand the neighbour's language)", deals with the issue of the "inter-comprehension", a subjet treated by Grin in a book recenly published in collaboration with Virginie Conti ("S'entendre entre langues voisines: vers l'intercompréhnsion", Ed. Georg.). Will it be possible to speak to a person with a language different from but close to ours after just some days of adaption? If you wish to learn more about this subjet, you can read the full article here.

Georges Lüdi interviewed by the swiss newspaper "Le Temps"

In a multilingual context, as the Swiss one, the immigration of foreign language users and the increasing predominance of English - especially in leading positions - introduce a new debate: Should one introduce a unique lingua franca, despite of the multiligual tradition of Switzerland or should immigrants rather be encouraged to learn the language of the region where they decide to stay? This is the subjet of an article by Georges Lüdi, DYLAN researcher and deputy coordinator, published in the Swiss newspaper "Le Temps". Here you will find the complete version of this article.

Dylan meets GLOBE2008 Conference

Lancaster University partners Ruth Wodak and Michal Krzyzanowski, will give voice to the Dylan Project at the International Conference “GLOBE 2008: Critical Discourse Analysis and the Global Media”. During this three-day meeting - which will be held on September 18-20, in Warsaw Poland - Ruth Wodak will deliver an invited plenary lecture “Communicating Europe: Analyzing, Interpreting and Understanding Multilingualism and the Discursive Construction of Transnational Identities, whereas Michal Krzyzanowski will give a paper on “Language Ideologies in/and the Media: A CDA perspective on the Coverage of the EU Enlargement”. Both presentations will be based on research carried out within the Dylan Project and its Workpackage 2.

Abstracts of the Working Papers

new feature is now available on the DYLAN website, presenting the first project findings. In this new area you can find the abstracts of the project's second series of Working Papers, delivered to the European Commission in June 2008.

Conference in Poland with Dylan guests

The Dylan project will be represented at the 4th Mid-term Conference of the European Sociological Association’s Qualitative Methods Research Network, thanks to WP2 and WP5 Managers Ruth Wodak and Michal Krzyzanowski. This conference is devoted to “Teaching Qualitative Methods” and takes place in Lodz, Poland, on September, 11-17. The two Lancaster scholars will take part in the invited “Meet the Author Session”, during which they will present their recent major work “Qualitative Discourse Analysis in the Social Sciences”.

Sociolinguistic Symposium 17 Book of Abstracts

We would like to announce the publication of the book of abstracts of the Sociolinguistic Symposium 17 which took place in Amsterdam in April 2008. Once again, DYLAN members played prominent roles with University of Geneva and University of Lancaster professors François Grin and Ruth Wodak being members of the scientific committee and several Dylan researchers (Alexandre Duchêne, Matthias Hüning, Michal Krzyzanowski, Vicky Markaki, Sara Merlino, Lorenza Mondada, Florence Oloff, Véronique Traverso and Ulrike Vogl) presenting their work.

Conférence "le défi du plurilinguisme pour l'Europe"

"Le défi du multilinguisme pour l'Europe", une conférence organisée dans le cadre de la chaire UNICA de l'Université de Lausanne. 
plusieurs personnalités suisses et européennes liées au domaine de la recherche et de l'éducation seront présentes pour cette conférence, notamment:

- Myriam Tétaz, présidente du Conseil Communal de Lausanne
- Dominique Arlettaz, Recteur de l'Université de Lausanne
- PATRICK Piffaretti, Directeur de la Fondation Jean Monnet pour l'Europe
- Anne-Claude Berthoud, Responsable de la Chaire UNICA, Université de Lausanne (et coordinatrice du Projet DYLAN)
- Mauro Dell'Ambrogio, Secrétaire d'Etat à l'Education et à la Recherche, Berne
- Harald Hartung, Chef d'Unité à la Commission Européenne, Bruxelles
- Wolfgang Mackiewicz, Président du Conseil Européen pour les Langues, Berlin.

La conférence aura lieu jeudi 19 juin 2008, de 16h à 18h, à l'Opéra de Lausanne, Salle Alice Bailly.
Avenue du Théâtre 12, 1002 Lausanne

DYLAN in the 15th AILA World Congress

The 15th world congress of the International Association of Applied Linguistics (AILA) will take place in August 2008 in Essen/Germany. The theme of the five-days conference will be: "Multilingualism: challenges and opportunities". A special European strand of Symposium will be held at this conference where a prominent slot is dedicated to the DYLAN project.
The Project Coordination Team members Anne Claude Berthoud, Georges Lüdi and François Grin will present the project and its first findings. Several more DYLAN members will contribute to the congress, amongst them Rita Franceschini with a keynote speech. Here you can find more information about 

- the 15th AILA World Congress, 
- the Dylan panel and 
- about AILA in general.

DYLAN-LINEE Colloquium at the Austrian Linguistics Meeting in Vienna

We are happy to announce that RT 4.2 will offer a joint DYLAN-LINEE-colloqium together with the Vienna LINEE team at the 'Österreichische Linguistigtagung', organised by 'verbal' (the Austrian Association of Applied Linguistics), 6-8 December 2008 in Vienna.
The idea of this colloqium is to first generally present the two
projects and highlight parallels/differences, and then home in on the individual teams' research foci (see the German abstract).

Barbara Seidhofer interview with "Der Spiegel"

Barbara Seidhofer, responsible of the Wien University team, has been interviewed by the German review "Der Spiegel" about the matter of English as a global language. Here you can find a link to the "Der Spiegel" official website, where you can have a look on the complete interview.

An einem Treffen mit dem EU-Kommissar für Mehrsprachigkeit und dem österreichischen Bundesminister für Wissenschaft und Forschung.

Wir haben erneut gute Nachrichten in Sachen dissemination activities aus Wien zu vermelden: Barbara Seidlhofer wurde am 13.12. eingeladen, an einem Treffen mit dem EU-Kommissar für Mehrsprachigkeit, Leonard Orban, und dem österreichischen Bundesminister für Wissenschaft und Forschung, Johannes Hahn, in Wien teilzunehmen. Diese Gelegenheit hat Barbara natürlich beim Schopf gepackt, um das DYLAN Projekt und seine Forschungsziele vorzustellen.

Présentation de DYLAN au CILPR

Le projet DYLAN sera présenté par le Prof. Georges Lüdi au Congrès International de Linguistique et Philologie Romane, qui se tiendra à Innsbruck du 2 au 8 septembre. Résumé de la présentation.

Official launch of the DYLAN web site

The first version of the DYLAN web site was released to the public today. The web site will be the best place to stay up to date with the latest news from the project

DYLAN makes the news

The Swiss Newspaper Le Temps published an article about the DYLAN project the day after the kick-off meeting was held. The PDf file can be found here (login required) or here (no login)