“Language Dynamics and Management of Diversity"

Call for paper - Culture, civilisation and the World - the Semantics of Globalization

The fourth Concepta Research Training Seminar "Culture, Civilization and the World – the Semantics of Globalization." will be arranged in University of Oslo, Norway, January 25-26 2010. In this seminar, which is a co-operation between the cross-disciplinary research program KULTRANS – Cultural Transformations in the Age of Globalization at the University of Oslo, Norway, and Concepta – International Research School in Conceptual History and Political Thought, the objectice is to focus on the role of language, and especially the role of concepts in exploring the processes of globalization. In addition to the uses and meanings of single concepts, such as “culture”, “civilization” or “world”, the seminar will focus on clusters of concepts, semantic fields, discourses, texts, genres and experiences – constituting what we might refer to as the “semantics of globalization”.
You can have more information writing to helge.jordheim@ilos.uio.no.