“Language Dynamics and Management of Diversity"

Darwin year 2009: Language and evolution

The DYLAN coordinator, Prof. Anne-Claude Berthoud, participates to "Oh my god!", a Lausanne based exhibition commemorating the Darwin Year 2009, with the film "Le language et l'évolution" by David Monti.

The exhibition at Palais Rumine in Lausanne will be open until Sep 2010, for more information please refer to the exhibition website. Prof. Berthoud's film may also be downloaded here.

Anne-Claude Berthoud inteviewé par Le Temps

La coordinatrice du Projet, Anne-Claude Berthoud a été interviewé par le quotidien suisse "Le Temps". Cet article - au titre "diversité des langues, un label de qualité de la pensée" - peut être téléchargé directement ici (en format PDF).

DYLAN on the Guardian Weekly

Dylan first deputy Coordinator and WP4 leader François Grin was interviewed by the Guardian Weekly about the emergence of English as a new cross-region language in a multilingual nation such as Switzerland. The full article is available on the Guardian Weekly website.

ELF made the news

L’Observatoire “Langue Economie Formation” de l’Université de Genève - dont font partie les chercheurs de DYLAN François Grin et Michele Gazzola - est particulièrement visible dans les médias, notamment grâce à des interviews parues entre autres le quotidien suisse “Le Temps” et dans la revue “Le français dans le monde”, ainsi que grâce à des émissions radiophoniques, qui ont eu lieu à la Radio Suisse Romande (émission “Forum”, du 21 février et du 16 mars 2009) et à la Radio Uno Toronto (émission “Voltapagina”, du 1er mars 2009).

Vienna team as radio stars

The Vienna team was interviewed by South-Tyrolean radio RAI about DYLAN and specifically about its ELF RT. More information and a web link to the feature in question will be made available as soon as it is aired!

DYLAN on the Vienna University's Newsletter

The Austrian DYLAN team was interviewed on the newsletter of the University of Wien, about the role of the English language in a multilingual Europe. You will find the entire article on the website of the University of Wien.

DYLAN CM5 on the UAB Website

DYLAN made the news at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB): The DYLAN project, its consortium meeting in Barcelona and the public session with the participation of city representatives is proudly presented on the university web site:


A new publication by Fançois Grin

Dylan researcher and coordination team member François Grin was interviewed by the Swiss newspaper "Le Temps" last October. This article "Comprendre la langue du voisin (understand the neighbour's language)", deals with the issue of the "inter-comprehension", a subjet treated by Grin in a book recenly published in collaboration with Virginie Conti ("S'entendre entre langues voisines: vers l'intercompréhnsion", Ed. Georg.). Will it be possible to speak to a person with a language different from but close to ours after just some days of adaption? If you wish to learn more about this subjet, you can read the full article here.

Georges Lüdi interviewed by the swiss newspaper "Le Temps"

In a multilingual context, as the Swiss one, the immigration of foreign language users and the increasing predominance of English - especially in leading positions - introduce a new debate: Should one introduce a unique lingua franca, despite of the multiligual tradition of Switzerland or should immigrants rather be encouraged to learn the language of the region where they decide to stay? This is the subjet of an article by Georges Lüdi, DYLAN researcher and deputy coordinator, published in the Swiss newspaper "Le Temps". Here you will find the complete version of this article.

Barbara Seidhofer interview with "Der Spiegel"

Barbara Seidhofer, responsible of the Wien University team, has been interviewed by the German review "Der Spiegel" about the matter of English as a global language. Here you can find a link to the "Der Spiegel" official website, where you can have a look on the complete interview.

DYLAN makes the news

The Swiss Newspaper Le Temps published an article about the DYLAN project the day after the kick-off meeting was held. The PDf file can be found here (login required) or here (no login)