“Language Dynamics and Management of Diversity"

PNR56 Final results

On 17 November 2008, a conference will take place in Bern to present the findings of the PNR56 (Projet National de Recherche, National Project of Research). DYLAN will be represented there through François Grin, researcher at University of Geneva and deputy coordinator of DYLAN, who is co-responsible of the PNR56 "Langues étrangères dans l'activité professionnelle" (foreign languages in a professional context). For more information, please click here.

Workshop "Linguistic diversity in political unity?"

Ulrike Vogl und Matthias Hüning, Forscher der Freien Universität Berlin (FUB) und DYLAN Partner, organisieren den Workshop "Linguistic diversity in political unity? Multilingualism in Europe - source of contention or of cohesion". Der Workshop findet statt vom 26 bis zum 26. November 2008. Alle sind herzlich eingeladen. Für weitere Informationen und Registrierung, klicken Sie bitte hier.

Dylan meets GLOBE2008 Conference

Lancaster University partners Ruth Wodak and Michal Krzyzanowski, will give voice to the Dylan Project at the International Conference “GLOBE 2008: Critical Discourse Analysis and the Global Media”. During this three-day meeting - which will be held on September 18-20, in Warsaw Poland - Ruth Wodak will deliver an invited plenary lecture “Communicating Europe: Analyzing, Interpreting and Understanding Multilingualism and the Discursive Construction of Transnational Identities, whereas Michal Krzyzanowski will give a paper on “Language Ideologies in/and the Media: A CDA perspective on the Coverage of the EU Enlargement”. Both presentations will be based on research carried out within the Dylan Project and its Workpackage 2.

Abstracts of the Working Papers

new feature is now available on the DYLAN website, presenting the first project findings. In this new area you can find the abstracts of the project's second series of Working Papers, delivered to the European Commission in June 2008.

Conference in Poland with Dylan guests

The Dylan project will be represented at the 4th Mid-term Conference of the European Sociological Association’s Qualitative Methods Research Network, thanks to WP2 and WP5 Managers Ruth Wodak and Michal Krzyzanowski. This conference is devoted to “Teaching Qualitative Methods” and takes place in Lodz, Poland, on September, 11-17. The two Lancaster scholars will take part in the invited “Meet the Author Session”, during which they will present their recent major work “Qualitative Discourse Analysis in the Social Sciences”.

Sociolinguistic Symposium 17 Book of Abstracts

We would like to announce the publication of the book of abstracts of the Sociolinguistic Symposium 17 which took place in Amsterdam in April 2008. Once again, DYLAN members played prominent roles with University of Geneva and University of Lancaster professors François Grin and Ruth Wodak being members of the scientific committee and several Dylan researchers (Alexandre Duchêne, Matthias Hüning, Michal Krzyzanowski, Vicky Markaki, Sara Merlino, Lorenza Mondada, Florence Oloff, Véronique Traverso and Ulrike Vogl) presenting their work.

Conférence "le défi du plurilinguisme pour l'Europe"

"Le défi du multilinguisme pour l'Europe", une conférence organisée dans le cadre de la chaire UNICA de l'Université de Lausanne. 
plusieurs personnalités suisses et européennes liées au domaine de la recherche et de l'éducation seront présentes pour cette conférence, notamment:

- Myriam Tétaz, présidente du Conseil Communal de Lausanne
- Dominique Arlettaz, Recteur de l'Université de Lausanne
- PATRICK Piffaretti, Directeur de la Fondation Jean Monnet pour l'Europe
- Anne-Claude Berthoud, Responsable de la Chaire UNICA, Université de Lausanne (et coordinatrice du Projet DYLAN)
- Mauro Dell'Ambrogio, Secrétaire d'Etat à l'Education et à la Recherche, Berne
- Harald Hartung, Chef d'Unité à la Commission Européenne, Bruxelles
- Wolfgang Mackiewicz, Président du Conseil Européen pour les Langues, Berlin.

La conférence aura lieu jeudi 19 juin 2008, de 16h à 18h, à l'Opéra de Lausanne, Salle Alice Bailly.
Avenue du Théâtre 12, 1002 Lausanne

Handbook of Communication in the Public Sphere: a new publication etided by Ruth Wodak & Veronika Koller

We are glad to announce another important publication made by a Dylan project member. Work package 2 manager professor Ruth Wodak and Lancaster University Lecturer in English Language Veronika Koller are the editors of this volume which addresses the controversial access to the public sphere following an interdisciplinary approach. The guiding questions for this collection of articles are therefore: Who has access to the public sphere? How is this access enabled or disabled? Under what conditions is it granted or withheld, and by whom?

Des Situations de Plurilinguisme en Europe Comme Objet d'Histoire

L'équipe de l'Université de Paris III du projet Dylan, conduite par son responsable Patrick Renaud organise un colloque dans le cadre du projet au sujet des "situations de plurilinguisme en Europe comme objet d'histoire". Plusieurs chercheurs de DYLAN seront présent pendant ce colloque de deux jours qui aura lieu le 2 et le 3 juin à l'Institut Hongrois de Paris, parmi lesquels l'équipe de coordination du projet.

Vous pouvez trouver ici plus d'informations au sujet de ce colloque.

DYLAN in the 15th AILA World Congress

The 15th world congress of the International Association of Applied Linguistics (AILA) will take place in August 2008 in Essen/Germany. The theme of the five-days conference will be: "Multilingualism: challenges and opportunities". A special European strand of Symposium will be held at this conference where a prominent slot is dedicated to the DYLAN project.
The Project Coordination Team members Anne Claude Berthoud, Georges Lüdi and François Grin will present the project and its first findings. Several more DYLAN members will contribute to the congress, amongst them Rita Franceschini with a keynote speech. Here you can find more information about 

- the 15th AILA World Congress, 
- the Dylan panel and 
- about AILA in general.
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